Gastric Band Finance

With obesity becoming an increasingly country-wide problem, weight loss surgeries are becoming more and more popular. Finance is always an issue though if it is not possible to have the surgery on the NHS. There are numerous options to take but it depends on the individual on how much they want to spend, and how far they are prepared to travel.     

The United Kingdom

Private healthcare in the United Kingdom is not cheap, in fact compared to the rest of Western Europe it is quite expensive, although many people feel safer in the country that they live. The average cost of a gastric band operation in the United Kingdom is £7000 and this generally includes the operation, the hospital stay, and any medication. It may or may not include the follow up appointments to adjust the band and the cost also varies per company if there are any complications. There are many private clinics in the UK that offer gastric band surgery, all are different however and all have different extras included in the price. 



Europe is increasingly becoming a popular cosmetic surgery destination, with over 70,000 British people travelling there for treatment each year. The cost of gastric band surgery in Europe varies but it is all almost certainly cheaper than the price in the United Kingdom. Which country to go in Europe depends on the individual, although everywhere should be researched thoroughly before hand. The most popular country to visit is Belgium who claim to have some of the best surgeons, hospitals and success rates in the world. Weight loss clinics offer gastric band surgery for as little as £4000 in Belgium, and this includes the whole aftercare package. Numerous companies who operate in Europe also have sister clinics back in the UK for British patients to follow up their treatment including having their bands adjusted. Weight loss surgery is becoming a huge market in Europe and prices are very competitive. 



Fancy a holiday before surgery? Obesity is a massive problem in America and there are numerous private weight loss surgeries there, although many Americans choose to travel to Mexico for the procedure as it is a fraction of the cost. At a price similar to that of Europe, many British people travel there each year for gastric band operation, often opting to have a holiday before the surgery due to the high cost of flying there. The cost of a gastric band operation in Mexico is around £4000 and this includes the operation, the stay in hospital, two nights stay in a hotel, taxis from the hotel to the hospital and back, blood tests, post operative x-rays, 24 hour emergency help and ongoing nutritional support. The packages in Mexico however do not usually include the follow up appointments to adjust the band at a later date so the cost of having this done back in the UK must be factored in to your decision.


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