Gastric Band Pill

It can be argued that the most effective form of drastic weight loss is through weight loss surgery such as the gastric bypass or gastric band. Recently however there have been some new pills on the market labelling themselves ‘gastric band pills’ which claim they lead to similar weight loss results without the need for surgery.             



‘Attiva’ is the name of a gastric band pill currently on the market. It has been developed by a company based in Boston, Massachusetts who claim that their miracle pill helps overweight people drop pounds quickly. The pill effectively makes the size of the stomach smaller, although unlike gastric bypass surgery it fills the stomach with a food based hydro-gel rather than physically decreasing the size of the stomach. The gel decreases the appetite of the individual as it makes them feel full. 

The ‘Attiva’ capsule works as it contains small grains of a super absorbent polymer. These grains expand to around 100 times their original size when swallowed with water leaving the individual feeling full and far less hungry at their next meal. ‘Attiva’ has just passed its first human trial and with no significant side effects it is being labelled as the pill alternative to gastric bypass surgery. 



Another gastric band pill on the market is called ‘Zetacap’. ‘Zetacap’ is a non prescription diet pill endorsed as a substitute to weight loss surgery. Its main ingredient is fibre. For ‘Zetacap’ to work the individual should take two tablets along with a glass of water around thirty minutes before a meal. The fibre in the tablet causes the individual to feel full prior to eating, therefore leading them to eat less when they sit down to eat. The feeling of being full is expected to last for around six hours so it encourages the individual to snack less between meals. 

The makers of ‘Zetacap’ are so convinced that their product works that they offer a full money back guarantee for any unsatisfied customers. They claim that the majority of their customers will reach their weight loss target within 45 days of taking the pills. 



There are many criticisms about ‘miracle’ weight loss pills. For example ‘Zetacap’ is basically just made of fibre, and for the monthly price of the pills people may be better off just increasing the amount of fibre in their diet. There is also the notion of what happens when an individual stops taking the pills. As most people will have taken the pills as an easy alternative and not have adjusted their diet to lose weight the chances are that the weight they lose will be put straight back on. Many companies can also not guarantee the long term safety of taking these pills and this is evident with many pills being removed from the market five years later after significant risks have been discovered. 

It is recommended that people discuss gastric band pills with their doctor before they begin to take them, especially if they are on any other medication. Pills may be seen as an easy alternative to surgery but if it seems too good to be true, there is most probably a reason for this.

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