Gastric Band Price

With increasing numbers of people opting for weight loss surgery to lose weight, more and more private clinics worldwide offer the surgery. If a patient is not accepted for treatment on the NHS or does not like the idea with the long waiting lists associated with a free procedure on the NHS they may choose to ‘go private’ But where is the best place to do this, and what are the costs?              

United Kingdom

Many people will choose to stay in the UK for surgery as it is easier for them and they feel safer in an English hospital compared to abroad. There are numerous private clinics which offer gastric band operations including BUPA and ‘The Hospital Group’ There is even one company ‘Healthier Weight’ which offer the countries first ‘no scar gastric band’ in which the operation is performed through the belly button. The average cost of surgery in the UK is around £5500 although this is just for the operation. For a complete package including all of the aftercare and hospital costs patients are looking at around £7000.


Many British people choose to travel to Belgium for gastric band surgery. This is because the service is excellent and the price is also a lot cheaper than in the United Kingdom. An estimated 70,000 people travel abroad for cosmetic surgery every year and Belgium is the number one destination. The average cost for the operation in Belgium is £4000 and this includes all of the aftercare. Most companies also have clinics in the United Kingdom for patients to return to for adjustments on their gastric band to save them needing to return to Belgium. The £4000 package includes the operation, pre-operative and post operative medication, a post operative x-ray, the hospital stay and taxis from the airport and hotel to the hospital.


Germany is another popular destination for British people choosing to have gastric band surgery abroad. The average price for a gastric band package in Germany is £4500. This includes the operation and all after care. It is recommended that if you choose to travel to Germany for the operation that you first check if the doctors speak English as this varies company to company. Not all companies have a sister company in the United Kingdom for the aftercare fills so be sure to check this too, or find out if there is anywhere in your area that will do this at a cost you are happy with.


Numerous British people choose to travel to France each year for weight loss surgery, especially now many of the private clinics have sister clinics in the United Kingdom for follow up appointments and band adjustments. The average cost of treatment in France is £4700 and this includes the operation, the hospital stay and medication, first class train tickets from London to Paris and a 6 night stay in a luxury hotel. The majority of clinics in France are English speaking and many people have been extremely satisfied after having their weight loss surgery performed in the country.

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