Gastric Band Before and After

There are numerous things that can lead to obesity and weight problems including health problems, bad eating habits, psychological factors and metabolic disorders. Many people have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight by conventional methods and have then turned to weight loss surgery. The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is the most popular weight loss procedure in the United Kingdom today. Below are some stories about people before and after having a gastric band fitted.  

Teresa Perks

Teresa has four children, and after having each one she gained weight. She tried all of the conventional diets but ended up putting on even more weight as none were successful in the long term. In the end, determined to lose the weight Teresa opted for gastric band surgery. After the operation, Teresa followed the dieticians advice and cut out many food's such as red meat, pasta and bread for the first 12 months. She managed to lose 12 stone in 14 months and is amazed how drastically the surgery has changed her life. Although she is now down to her optimum weight and a size 8, Teresa is not brave enough to have the band removed in case she starts to overeat again. She realises that her eating problems were emotional and that the band has forced her to stop overeating.

John Hatchman

John had struggled with his weight problems for over fifteen years when he decided to opt for gastric band surgery. He had tried and failed at every diet around, and with type two diabetes and sleep apnoea which were both caused by obesity he decided it was time to do something drastic and decided on gastric band surgery. Before the surgery John was wearing a size XXXL shirt and his waist was 40 inches wide. After the surgery the pounds started flying off and within months John was down to a size M shirt and had a 32 inch waist. To John's amazement his weight related health problems have also gone. John is a huge believer in the surgery and feels like a new man.

Julie Tedder

Just two years ago, Julie was morbidly obese. At almost 27 stone she felt ugly, unattractive and the weight had begun to interfere with her life. Julie needed and wanted weight loss surgery and decided to have the operation done privately. Within a week of having her medical consultation she had booked herself in for the surgery. She went back for the operation and the follow up appointments to have saline injected into her band, and followed the diet completely. Within two years Julie had lost 17 stone and is now a size 10. She has never looked back since having the surgery and feels like she is now the mother she should have always been to her children. Her parents and husband are also delighted to have the original, happy Julie back in their lives. Julie feels sexy and confident and believes she can now do anything.

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