How much is a Gastric Band?

With obesity on the rise in the United Kingdom more and more people are undergoing weight loss surgery. The most popular type of surgery in the UK is the laparoscopic gastric band. But how much is it, and what are you getting for your money?    


Gastric band surgery on the NHS is free although it does come with some conditions. Patients need to meet certain criteria in order to have a gastric band operation on the NHS. These include proving that they have tried and been unsuccessful at more conventional forms of weight loss, having a BMI over 40 (or over 35 with a serious obesity related health condition) and patients must also prove that their obesity is affecting their health. Once accepted for a gastric band operation on the NHS, patients will join a long waiting list of up to three years. So although the surgery is free it may not be the best solution for patients desperate for the operation.


BUPA is the UK's top private health clinic. They offer both gastric bypass and gastric band surgery with the gastric band costing £7600. BUPA pride themselves on customer care, and included in the price is the consultation, the overnight stay in hospital and further check up appointments including two band fills. BUPA also keep in contact with their patients to check on their weight loss every three months.

The Hospital Group

The hospital group is one of the most popular private clinic's for gastric band surgery. The gastric band operation costs £5450. The hospital group also offer an aftercare package which with the operation costs £6950. The aftercare package includes six months surgical cover, access to their specialist weight loss support team, a post operative x-ray if required, 2 years of unlimited band adjustments, a 24 hour emergency helpline and a £250 voucher off any further cosmetic surgery you book with them. Also included in the price is appointments with a dietician in which patients are given individual advice on diet and exercise.

Healthier Weight

The healthier weight company is one of the few companies in the UK to offer the 'no scar gastric band'. This means that the surgeons perform gastric band surgery through the belly button, meaning there are no scars on the patients stomach after surgery. Their clinics are based in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff. They charge £7950 which includes the operation and all the aftercare required. The aftercare package includes unlimited fills for the first two years after the operation, a 24 hour emergency helpline, medical and nutritional support from excellent surgeons, doctors and dieticians, a handbook with advice on the operation and help with adjusting to a new lifestyle, free vitamin and mineral supplements, accommodation in a private hospital and all take home medications. The healthier weight company pride themselves on the excellent aftercare that they give to patients.

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