Gastric Band Weight Loss

Weight loss surgeries are becoming increasingly common in the United Kingdom, with the most popular surgery being the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. Thousands of people are turning to this surgery after conventional methods of losing weight have failed. Whilst the operation does not work for everyone, the majority of people who have the gastric band fitted go on to lose lots of weight and reach their optimum weight within two years. Below are two stories focussing on the dramatic weight loss, having gastric band surgery can give.    

Jamie Hutchinson

Until the age of 25 Jamie had been quite slim, although since then he started gaining weight and has been large ever since. As he grew older and became comfortable in relationships he started to overeat. If a relationship he was in ended, Jamie would eat to feel comforted. Food became a release for his emotions. Five years ago, faced with the prospect of serious health complications if he did not do something about his weight, Jamie decided to take drastic action and saw his doctor about having a gastric band fitted. Six months after deciding to have gastric band fitted, Jamie had had the operation at a private clinic in the UK. He began losing weight immediately and was surprised how little effort it took. Once he received the saline injections into his band he felt immediately liberated, he no longer fantasised about food and was able to control his hunger.

Since having the band fitted Jamie has lost over ten stone and is almost at his target weight. He says he is so glad to have discovered the weight loss surgery as he can now do all the things he has waited years for like sitting in a plane seat, riding a bike and playing football. It is the first time in his life that he has been able to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Vicky Cox

Vicky had struggled with her weight all her life. She was a chubby child and she carried the weight on into adulthood. Vicky pretended that it didn't matter that she couldn't wear short skirts and nice tops like her friends but the older she became the harder it was for her. At the age of 25, Vicky put herself on a strict weight loss and exercise diet but instead of losing weight she ended up gaining 3 stone. Shortly after the weight gain Vicky was diagnosed as being insulin resistant, and determined not to get diabetes Vicky went to her doctor for help.

Vicky's doctor recommended a weight loss operation and Vicky decided on the laparoscopic gastric band surgery. Determined to start losing weight as soon as possible Vicky decided to pay privately for her operation and found a clinic that suited her. Four months later Vicky travelled to France for the surgery and has not looked back since. The first week after her operation she lost 12 pounds, and as Vicky progressed to eating normal foods again she managed to keep a steady weight loss of 2 pounds a week. Within six months Vicky had lost just over 5 stone in weight and was half way to achieving her optimum weight. Vicky is amazed by the amount of weight she has lost, and wishes she had had the band fitted sooner. Since having the band fitted Vicky has never looked back.

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