Gastric Band Forum

Forums can be a fantastic way to meet other people who have or are thinking about having weight loss surgery. Forums provide ‘before and after’ stories of people who have had gastric band’s fitted and also recommendations on private clinics. They are a great way to stay motivated and encourage others who are going through the same thing as you. Below are a selection of weight loss surgery forums and some information on each.      


    This is a forum dedicated to helping people who have had or are planning to have weight loss surgery. The forum members all support each other and there is even an option to create a blog to share information about your surgery and the months following it. The forum is maintained by a lady called Shelli who has lost 16 stone through having a gastric band fitted. The forum includes regional areas for posters to meet people going through the same procedure in their area of the UK. There is an area for members to share recipes, an area for spouses of those who have had the procedure and an area to discuss both pre and post the band. 

    Thinner times is an online discussion and networking forum for people who have had gastric band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve weight loss surgeries. They encourage everyone who has had surgery, and anyone thinking of it to join their online family. The forum includes areas on financing the operation, ‘before and after’ photos, choosing a surgery, doctors and hospitals, the operation, personal stories, recipes, and life after the operation. This is a very large forum with numerous members all encouraging each other. Although this is an American forum there is a sub forum to meet members from the United Kingdom. 

    Streamline surgical is an online bulletin and discussion site for patients of ‘streamline surgical’ and other people trying to lose weight. Based in the UK the forum is an environment for people to share their experiences and talk about their journey so far. The forum includes boards on how to get funding, before the operation, the first six months after having the band fitted, 6 months and beyond having the band fitted, ‘before and after’ stories and photos, pregnancy and ‘the new you‘. There are also help sections and handy hints sections for anyone struggling after the operation. 

  • is a forum entirely dedicated to people who have had the adjustable gastric band operation. The forum is based in the UK and discusses a range of topics concerning weight loss surgery. The forum includes areas on travelling abroad for the operation, the gastric band operation, side effects and complications, food suggestions and recipes, pregnancy, maintaining a healthy weight, further plastic surgery, and ‘before and after’ photos. There is also a journal section for members to share their experiences of the surgery, and a section to meet other people going through the same procedure. 

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